Teaching is one of the most reputable and respected professions in India. People from all across India consider teachers as the 2nd parent figure after parents for students.

Since the early days of Indian civilization, there’s been a huge demand for knowledgeable teachers also called “gurus”.

Nevertheless, India has passed a special education law, the Persons with Disabilities Act of 1995,which is a milestone for Indian education that ensures every student has an equal right to quality education.

On the other hand, many families of special needs children are not able to afford quality education for their children. According to IDRM, 2005 data, it has been found that more than 40 million special needs children do not get the opportunity to get schooled or they get the opportunity for schooling but for very little period of time.

In this blog post, we will be exploring the biggest challenges and crises that the education system of India is facing, which is the shortage of professional and qualified special needs educators.

Work-Force Challenges In the Special Education Industry

Education Industry

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According to a recent survey, there’s been a huge shortage of professional educators, especially special needs educators. Almost 98% of the school districts reported a shortage of qualified special needs educators.

Schools are finding it hard to fill the qualified and professional special education trainers and educators. Most professionals also lose their interest for the educational industry roles as well.

Apart from attracting qualified special needs educators they also face a hard time retaining the already present professional special needs educators. There’s no denying that there’s a huge demand for special needs educators in India but due to the low salary bracket, many qualified special need professional tends to leave their current teaching jobs.

Necessary Resources and Funding Challenges In Special Education 

Despite the fact that the Central Government of India is spending a hefty amount around $ 7.74 million, most of the schools are not getting the necessary resources and facilities. To cover it up, most of the schools have to use their own funding to arrange those facilities which is proving very costly.

There are many schools in the smaller districts where they do not have sufficient funds to provide special education services. Because of this, special needs students with different learning abilities have access to the same learning abilities and support that is available for all the general students.

Solution For Resolving Crisis of Professional Special Educator Shortage

Addressing The Teacher’s Shortage & Paycheck

To address the shortage of professional and qualified special education teachers, you can consider-

  • Improving working conditions
  • Providing lucrative Pay-checks
  • Provide Professional Development Opportunities

By providing this you can attract and retain the top special education talents.

Providing Quality Training and Mentorship

You must consider providing quality training and mentor support to your professional special needs educators, which will help them acquire the latest teaching skills and knowledge. This also makes every professional special needs educator valued and supported.

Increased State-Wise Funding In the Education Industry

To address funding inequities in every school, the Central Government of India must collaborate with the state Government to improve the special education budgets, which will ultimately improve the quality of special education learning tools and resources.

Simplify IEP Goals Management

To improve the special education services in and out of the classroom, you must consider t streamline it. School leaders can simplify their IEP goal management with the help of data monitoring and by providing necessary professional staff development opportunities.

Improve The Crisis Situation of Shortage of Professional Special Need Educators

The quality of special needs education quality is increasing day by day in urban areas. However, there’s plenty of scope for the improvement of special education quality and availability of special needs educators in rural areas. In the above-mentioned blog, we have shared some of the effective solutions that can eradicate the crisis of shortage of professional and qualified special needs educators.

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