For a classroom with diverse learners, where each child has their own unique strengths and challenges, they face. For them, every special education teacher is their superhero who not just guides them to achieve academic success but in other aspects of their lives as well. However, even dedicated special education teachers can feel they don’t have all the superpowers they need to help and support their specially-abled students.

If you also feel the same, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will be sharing some of the essential must-haves to conduct a special education classroom successfully.

Dedicated Teaching Space

Before making a comfortable classroom environment, you must focus on creating a comfortable teaching area. Most of the special education teachers overlooked this aspect.

However, if you focus on creating a comfortable teaching space then it will help you to put your full focus on your teaching-related work and to get it done as soon as possible. You can consider arranging below tools and gadgets to create a perfect teaching area that is student-free too-

  • Comfortable chair
  • Dedicated desktop space
  • Technological tools (according to your teaching needs)
  • Personal items

Dedicated Student Learning Space

You can consider creating student learning areas in three ways-

  • Whole group instruction
  • Small group instruction
  • Isolation table instruction

Whole Group instruction: In this method, try to fill the spaces with tables rather than desks for the ease of your students with special abilities. Make sure you set up tables in such a way that the board area or presentation area is visible to all of your special education students and make sure they have plenty of space to spread out their learning tools and materials.

Small group instruction: In this method, arrange a chair either for you or for a para-professional teacher and with that arrange a few independent chairs for students. Make sure that independent chairs have all the required tools and resources that enable your special little one to get started learning independently.

Isolation table instruction: In this method, arrange a table that is close to your proximity where a particular student can sit and complete their work without any disturbance and you will also be able to give time-to-time attention and guidance to that student.

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Dedicated Calming/Sensory Space

In general, every special education student gets overwhelmed with over-stimulating tools around the classroom environment like- noisy environments, lights, etc. To help them you can create a dedicated space for your special education students to calm their feeling of over-stimulation. You can consider adding to these species like-

  • Exercise balls
  • Wiggle toys
  • Beanbags

Dedicated Morning Meeting Space

Creating a dedicated morning meeting space will allow you to discuss and review the daily calendar and schedules, which will help students anticipate what activities they need to perform or complete each day which reduces their stress and anxiety.

Dedicated Gaming Activity Space

Every child love playing games, even your children with special abilities. Consider creating dedicated gaming activity areas where children can have fun playing games with their peers. You can include toys in this space like-

  • Manipulation blocks
  • Sensory Mats
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Sand Slimes
  • Chewing Toys

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Decorate Your Classroom Space

Consider decorating your classroom space where specially-abled children spend most of their time of the day. Try to make the classroom environment comfortable and inviting for your little ones. You can achieve that by adding-

  • Decorative scheduling boards
  • Pasting Inclusive messages or prompts over the wall
  • Personalize the classroom environment with student’s work display
  • Make classroom clutter-free

Apply These Must Have For The Best Special Education Classroom Environment

No matter, how dedicated a special education teacher might be, there is always some aspect that they might miss to create a perfect special education classroom environment. However, following the above-mentioned “must-have” to create a comfortable and positive learning environment for your little ones with special abilities.

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