A lot of parents are now searching for possible tutors for their children. Instead of tuition centres, they could be seeking for a skilled tutor to teach maths, science, or Chinese, whether in primary or secondary school.

The convenience and knowledge of a home teacher who can guide their child to academic brilliance are essential here in Singapore. However, finding the ideal teachers may also be challenging, especially for individuals who have never hired tutors. How, then, do you choose the best tutor?

There are about 4 main types of personal educators from whom parents can select.

Student Tutors

A sizable portion of the population of home tutors is student tutors. They may be junior college or polytechnic students seeking admission to NS or university, or are undergraduate or postgraduate students. Additionally, they are frequently 17 years of age or older.

These tutors may be the least experienced in instructing, which is why some parents avoid them. However, this group also has the benefit of having lower hourly rates. You’ve got a winner on your hands if you can locate a genius who recently graduated first in his class or had all As on recent examinations.

These home tutors may be better able to connect with their pupils since they are the closest in age to the students they teach.

Trainees at the National Institute of Education (NIE)

Since NIE trainees are essentially undergraduates pursuing a career in education, they are in high demand. Parents frequently choose them because of their in-depth familiarity with the MOE curriculum, the exams’ structure, and alleged teaching ability, even though they are paid less than the following two categories of educators.

Be prepared to spend significantly more ($20–$40/hr) for an NIE trainee than you would for student tutors if you decide to hire one as a tutor.

Full-Time Instructors

These instructors rely only on home tutoring for income. Many of them are also experienced teachers or tutors who are conversant with the MOE curriculum. You would obtain a subject matter expert because most of them likewise specialise in a particular field.

They might easily charge you anything from $15 to $80 per hour because they command a higher range of tuition prices.

Teachers and Former Teachers

Naturally, this group of personal instructors is the most experienced and in demand. Unfortunately, teachers who continue to work as educators in schools throughout the day may only be able to take on two to three private classes per week due to their hectic schedules.

Former or retired educators are more equipped to accept more. Most retired teachers choose to have lessons at their own houses rather than travelling to their students’ homes. Thus, parents must account for dropping off and picking up their children from classes or plan their schedules to allow for travel time.

Current and former instructors charge the highest hourly rates, ranging from $22 to $150. However, they are the top options for home tutors due to their dependability and ability to nearly guarantee an A+ on your child’s report cards.