Management is one of the careers that many people chase as it’s one of the highest-paying careers and is fully secure. Most companies, especially the big ones, have this job role because without a manager, running those companies the right way is impossible. It’s also a career where once you get in and start upskilling and gaining experience, you get even better offers from other prominent companies.

Choosing the right career after 12th is the big question in all students and parents’ mind. If you decided to go for management, it will give you vast career option as it has plenty of specialization. Almost all the specializations are fair, but a few are the top ones and are most in demand. Here in this article, I have included five good careers in management that you can pursue for the best pay.

Top 5 Career Options In Management

Here they are as follows-

Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is among the most common and highest-paying management posts, and that’s why many people go for it. The role of the marketing manager is to create brand awareness, expand brand reach, and promote the product/service to the target audience. They are responsible for acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers to generate more leads.

A marketing manager creates a strategy that the company follows. They ensure that the end product or service they are providing meets the customers’ ends, as that is the only way to increase conversions. They also manage the digital media, create campaigns, and manage their internal team for maximum output.

Sales Manager

After the marketing manager, the management career that is very prestigious and pays you a high salary is the sales manager job. Sales are the ultimate goal of most companies in India, and because of the highly competitive market, people sometimes tend to struggle with selling their products/services.

Selling something to someone is a skill that is highly demanding in the Indian market, and some companies pay way too high a salary to sales managers who are very skilled and have years of experience. The role of a sales manager is to create a strategy for sales, build relationships with clients, expand the reach, convert an individual into a customer, and lead the sales team.

Human Resource Manager

There’s probably no certified company anywhere that doesn’t have an HR (Human Resource) manager. It’s one of the most comfortable management jobs because the candidate has to be in the office and manage certain things between the management executives and staff of the company.

The responsibility of HR is to look after the employees and create a link between employees and the top-level faculty of the company. HR also creates certain plans for the benefit of the employees, which helps boost the productivity of the company, contributing to the company’s overall growth. An HR should have great communication, execution, and negotiating skills as they are the first to face an interviewee.

International Business Manager

The international business manager post is the best for those looking for opportunities to work abroad in a management career. This post is probably the most prestigious in management as the companies offer high packages and opportunities to travel worldwide.

Like the sales and marketing manager jobs, you also need skills like intelligence in marketing, sales, and finance to become an international business manager. In addition, you should also have great communication skills as you need to interact with international clients. The IB manager is a very different job and has plenty of perks that you benefit from.

Financial Manager

Last but not least, we have financial management career, which is another great career in marketing that you can pursue. The pay and all are equivalent to other management careers we discussed above. Financial managers are responsible for managing all the related financial matters of a company, setting short and long-term financial goals, and achieving them with the right strategies.

The financial managers create financial reports, perform risk assessments, set budgets, and evaluate the financial growth of the company/organization. They also use their solid brainstorming skills to predict the ups and downs in the financial growth of the company. If you have skills like finance knowledge, analytical skills, numerical skills, and problem-solving skills, the financial manager is the post you go for.


Management is one of the advanced careers with great scope and demand in the market. Pursing the management degree from top college like IIM through IMPAT after 12th will add extra value to make your future bright. There are many careers in management, but only a few are the best.

So this was all about your query, which goes like which career is good in management, and I hope you have found this article worthwhile.