Regardless if you’re a student who’s looking at potential university degrees or just someone who’s curious, geography could be the perfect field for you to enter. Although many people believe that studying geography is pointless because they haven’t heard of a job title called “geographer”, geography is actually an incredibly diverse discipline that not only teaches you a plethora of different skills but also offers various different career options. 

Below we’ve listed three of the main reasons as to why you should consider studying geography. 

Gain a better understanding of our planet

People who study geography are more likely to have a deeper understanding of topics currently impacting our planet like global warming, climate change, issues with water resources, human migrations and others. Although many of these topics are regularly covered in the news, it takes a much deeper understanding to be able to properly address and tackle them. 

Learn highly transferable skills

Without a doubt one of the biggest benefits of studying geography is that you will acquire a wide range of highly transferable skills. Skills such as data collection, writing reports, analytical thinking, conducting research, etc. are all valued very highly in most businesses. Put in simple terms, this means that geography students are usually highly employable regardless of the field they decide to enter. 

Regardless if you’re looking to sign up for a geography degree in university or you’re simply interested in the subject, finding a geography tutor is a great way to test 

Find a great career path

As we already mentioned, studying geography will give you the opportunity to gain various skills that can be used in different fields and businesses. Some of the potential career paths you can take after studying geography include: demographer, political analyst, market researcher, community developer, teacher, tourism manager and more!