TEFL or Teaching English as a Foreign Language or English language is a very convenient factor that develops worldwide communication. Teaching English in a foreign Language has now become one of the most popular career choices among young people. But how long are TEFL contracts overseas? How long do TEFL contracts last?


Let’s find out!


There is no such entity as a standard TEFL contract but then again,there are some things that should be involved in it and this blog has covered all of those aspects.

At present, there is a variety of ESL/EFL teaching programs with hiring schools along with different contract lengths. Typically, TEFL contracts fall into two distinct categories:

  1. Summer or short-term teaching contracts
  2. Year-long (or longer) teaching contracts

Not an easy choice to make for the first time TEFLer, isn’t it?

To help you make your pronouncement, we have explained all the essential details about TEFL contracts.

Short-term TEFL Contracts

If you are looking for summer work and not yet ready to commit then the short-term contracts are ideal for you. You will find these mainly in Europe.Also, the majority of these ESL/EFLpositions will be in summer schools/camps – extending anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months in length.Summer Camps are available all over the world.

Long-term TEFL Contracts

Long-term contracts cover all kinds of ESL/EFL jobs – language schools, private schools, universities and so on. The categories of learners are just as wide-ranging, starting from nursery level to business professionals. You can find long-term TEFL contracts across the world. The most popular destinations include China, South Korea, Spain, France and Thailand.

Furthermore, completing a long-term TEFL placement will also deliver you a vital asset to include on your CV.So, if you’re thinking of making teaching English abroad a long-term move, then a year-long contract might be your option.

How long will you have to oblige for when you sign the job contract for various countries?


TEFL Contracts in Asia

This could either be a full twelve months or for an academic year. This hugely depends on the country and category of school. This could start in January, May or September.China, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan are the most popular TEFL destinations. Short-term contracts are also accessible in minor numbers across the region but you will possibly need to be in the country to have a good chance of securing opportunities.

TEFL Contracts in Europe

Generally, contracts in European schools are for an academic year that usually runs from September to June.Summer language camps are very popular across much of Europe and typically run for 4 to 8 weeks. Three and six-month contracts can also be found in some countries but these are less popular than the normal full year contract.

TEFL Contracts in Latin America

Most countries in the Latin America region choose to offer one-year contracts that either cover the school year or a full twelve months. The start of the school year does differ from school to school. Thus, you will need to do some research before you make any secure plans. Some less developed countries in the region also offer short term contracts besides volunteer-based work.

TEFL Contracts in the Middle East

United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar offer some of the most attractive TEFL contracts. With paid airfares, free housing, paid holidays and a tax-free salary,you will perhaps need to sign for twelve months or even two years to land the most profitable positions. You may also find some shorter contracts in smaller countries of the region.

Important Questions To Ask Yourself

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before signing on the TEFL contract:

  • What age group do you want to teach?
  • What kind of hours do you want to work?
  • What type of environment do you want to work in?
  • How much teaching experience do you have?

Online English teaching is also a platform that helps ESL/EFL teachers to upsurge their followers to earn good money.

Additionally, make sure you are TEFL certified. This certification provides you with the vital experiences, enhancing your teaching skills, fosters career development, provides tools and techniques for better management of classrooms by educating students to showcase their potential. There are a lot of courses for teaching English abroad but TEFL is the most popular and widely acknowledged certification for teaching English abroad.

A good TEFL training course will aid you to expertise the basic concepts of curriculum planning, classroom management skills, English grammar methods besides other basic skills that will open the door for teaching English abroad.

Now that you are all clued up on your TEFL contracts, it’s time to select where you want to go!