I am very pleased to launch the new International Education Strategy (SEI), Building on Success , in collaboration with my colleagues from Employment and Social Development Canada and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

which stimulates their ability to innovate and develops important intercultural skills at home. As for foreign students studying in Canada, they provide our country with the same advantages. If they choose to immigrate to Canada, they are contributing to the country’s economic success. Those who choose to return to their country will remain ambassadors for Canada and Canadian values ​​throughout their lives.

Many Canadian International Education sell, among other things, permits for the use of their study programs as well as technical and vocational training content abroad, often with the assistance of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service ( SDC). In doing so, they export Canadian values ​​and import new ideas, while generating economic benefits for Canada.

In 2018, international students in Canada contributed approximately $ 21.6 billion to Canada’s GDP and supported nearly 170,000 jobs for Canada’s middle class. This is a significant economic contribution that is felt across the country.

Our competitors in international education recognize the long-term benefits that this sector can generate. They have therefore improved their offer and, to remain competitive, we have done the same.

Thanks to an allocation of $ 147.9 million over five years in Budget 2019, followed by recurring funding of $ 8 million per year, our new International Education Strategy, deployed in collaboration with the provinces , territories, associations and establishments, will allow:

to encourage Canadian students to acquire new skills through study and work opportunities in key countries, particularly in Asia;

to diversify the origin of international students, the places where they will study in Canada and the fields and levels of their programs of study;

increase support for Canadian educational institutions to help them expand their export services and explore new opportunities abroad.

The new International Education Strategy will ensure Canada remains one of the world’s leading learning destinations. This is essential for our educational institutions, students and researchers to continue to expand their ties abroad, and for Canadian students to take advantage of the world of learning beyond our borders.

I invite you to read Building on Success , our strategy to ensure that Canada strengthens its strengths in international education so that our students can use what they learn abroad to create jobs with us.