The PTE Tests are conducted to test the ability of the candidate’s interact with the English language. Each section of the test contains around twenty exercises and without the proper knowledge of each exercise can lead to the failure in PTE Test. A proper idea about the structure of the test can help you in the preparation of a proper strategy for the test which you can get from ielts classes in Surat.

Through this article, you’ll learn about the scoring system as well as the structure of the test along with certain tips.

Tips For Speaking Sections:


Reading the text at your natural pace can help you read it out fluently and the same is taught to you at ielts for USA in Gujarat classes. Avoid trying to read the text at a faster pace as it can avert you from reading fluently, thus creating a negative impact. Go at your natural pace and focus on the punctuation, pausing at commas or semi-colon and raising the voice when a sentence ends with the question, uplifts your impact at the test.

Speak Clearly:

To improve your ielts study in Gujarat, following the score, do not try to fake your accent. Read at your accent and natural pace to improve the marks. Speak out the words clearly with a slightly louder voice at the end of the sentence and contrast words can be helpful.

Don’t Stop in The Midst:

Even if you realize of conducting a mistake while reading the text, don’t stop in the middle of reading and instead continue because stopping in the middle will stop the microphone from recording. Instead of stopping read aloud the left part of the text.


The text can be read before 40 seconds from when the microphone starts recording your voice. Make proper use of this time and go through the entire text, searching for the words that can be a hurdle in your speech.

The Scoring:

The score that can be gained for maximum from each question depends on the length of the item prompt and any type of replacement or omission in the text is considered an error. Marks can be scored if:

  • The vowels and consonants should be used properly in such a way that they can be easily read by speakers worldwide.
  • Deletion of the speech seems repetitive in the text.
  • Throughout the words, stress is presented in the correct order.

Tips For Image Description:

For the description of the image, keep in mind the following things –

Readiness: The candidates are usually given 25 seconds to prepare for the speech. So, be prepared for facing any type of image, be it flowchart, line chart, or any other that can help provide your speech in the desired manner.

The Main Idea: Conveying the main idea of the image along with its features can be quite helpful in scoring more. Make use of the words such as “Illustrate” or “elucidates” to create a good impact rather than using simple words. If there are dates or locations present in the image, don’t forget to mention the same during your speech.

The Scoring:

In this section, you’ll get full marks if:

You describe the relationships and all the elements present in the image.

You try to emphasise the possible implications or present a conclusion for the same.

However, if you record incomplete sentences, you can highly risk your marks and to avoid this, don’t start afresh sentence if you are near the limitation time of 30 seconds.

Tips For Re-tell Lecture:

In this section –

Use Of The Image:

Use the time available before starting the recording and think about the possible vocabulary you’ll hear. You can note down the keyword by understanding the main idea of the topic.

Take Notes:

By making use of the erasable board and pen provided and jot down the important information and keywords of the text.

The Scoring:

The scoring in this section will depend on:

The amount of information you can re-re-talk about the text.

A proper conclusion or implication is provided.

Repeat Sentences:

In this section, you need to remember the following –

Staying Natural:

Speak at your own pace and natural accent, but clear enough to recognize all that you read. Don’t stop even if you make a mistake while reading and carry on till the end.

The Scoring:

Repeating everything in the correct pattern that you hear can help you score full marks.

Tips For Short Answer:

For this part –

Don’t Stop:

Start the answers as soon as the recording status gets on because if you stop you’ll lose a chance to answer.

Keep Short:

Short answers mean strictly short. Answer them shortly.

The Scoring:

You can avail full marks only if answer the questions correctly.

Thus, following these tips can prove to be helpful in the PTE tests and successful completion of them with good scores and make sure to enrol for the best study abroad classes in Gujarat.