Due to the pandemic that rocked the world and affected everyone’s career situation, more people than ever before are looking for a part-time job. Part-time jobs have now been recognized as a great way for people to earn some extra money and augment their earning sources. Those looking for a job now look at all the avenues available to make more money these days including looking at the best online jobs available on the internet.

What are hourly jobs? What are their benefits?

Hourly jobs are jobs that employ hourly workers or employees who are paid on the basis of each hour that they have worked. The amount that they earn depends on a predetermined rate for each hour they work that is determined by their employers. The hours worked weekly at hourly jobs fluctuate depending on the employee’s shifts or their weekly schedule and therefore the money an employee makes can vary from week to week.

Jobs in the US require employers to pay their hourly employees at a bare minimum wage. The hourly jobs federally require hourly workers to be eligible for overtime pay if they work more than forty hours a week. The overtime pay is calculated at one and a half times the normal hourly wage. That depends on whether the employee earns an amount lower than six hundred and eighty-four dollars an hour. The benefits like medical and so on provided to the hourly employee depend on their employer.

Hourly part-time jobs have a lot of benefits that make it extremely desirable for those who are looking for a job. These benefits include:

These jobs allow the employee to have a significant amount of time to them. They can use this time for their own benefit to pursue activities and projects that will either benefit their careers or for their own personal fulfilment. If a job seeker is lacking in their academic accolades, they can utilize this time to pursue their academic necessities for the career or job of their desire.

Family and friendships are extremely important for the well-being and mental health of an employee. Many problems arise when employees don’t have enough time to spend bonding with their loved ones. These part-time jobs that are hourly in nature allow the employees ample time to build and maintain their relationships with their loved ones. They can also provide for their families through these hourly jobs.

Part-time jobs are better for an employee’s health as there is generally a lower level of stress associated with it as compared to full-time jobs. The jobs, in general, allow the employees more time to focus on their wellbeing and health as well as time for them to complete their personal responsibilities like grocery shopping and laundry.

These jobs not only provide a source of income to the employees which have their own various benefits but also provide an opportunity to the employee to get to new job opportunities. They are allowed to build connections through these jobs as well as adding them to their resume. The employees get to train in fields that are unfamiliar as well as gain valuable work experience.

The most in-demand hourly jobs in 2021

Physical therapy assistant: These therapists help patients with physical ailments and the assistant to the physical therapist works with the patient ensuring the treatment plan is followed. This job requires an associate degree that comes from an accredited program. It also requires a certification or license where the assistant gets to work with a hospital or a physical therapist’s private practice. The job earns around twenty-three dollars an hour.

Dental Hygienist: This part-time job enables the hygienist to work with a dentist. The hygienist will be in charge of cleaning a patient’s teeth, removing the tartar, plaque, and stains from the patient’s teeth. The job requires an associate degree and earns the employee around thirty-six dollars an hour.

Interpreter and Translator: These employees are communicators that allow people of different languages which include sign language to understand each other. This job requires fluency in a language as well as a bachelor’s degree. The job is employed in professional settings like schools, courtrooms, hospitals, and a company’s office. The job earns the employee nearly twenty-five dollars an hour.

Massage therapist: The therapist works in an office setting of a chiropractor’s office who is mostly self-employed. They manipulate a patient’s muscles to remove pain, heal injuries, and relieve stress. This job earns the employee nearly twenty dollars an hour.

Physical therapist aide: This job involves providing help to a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant with their patients. This job earns the employee twenty-three dollars an hour for washing linens, performing clerical tasks, and sanitizing treatment areas and the respective equipment.

Administrative secretary or assistant: The secretary or assistant will perform organizational or clerical tasks for a company, organization, or business. This job is available in every industry and the pay depends on every industry. The average salary for this job is nineteen dollars an hour.

Construction Workers: This part-time job requires the completion of a number of tasks at the construction sites. This includes unloading construction materials, operating machinery, and preparing construction sites. The work involves building or tearing down buildings, digging tunnels or shafts, and constructing roads and other infrastructure. The pay is around seventeen dollars an hour.

Maintenance and repair worker: Those looking for a job can’t do much better than a job as maintenance and repair worker. They work at hotels, hospitals, and apartment complexes where they have to fix things that are broken. The job pays nearly nineteen dollars an hour.

Plumber: The job involves the employee performing plumbing duties for a plumbing company, a business, company, or factory. The job pays handsomely at twenty-seven dollars an hour.


You can fix or purchase from modern resume templates to ensure you get a top notch resume for your job application. Those looking for a part-time job or looking for the best online jobs can try their luck at part-time jobs as a viable option to try out to earn money. The pandemic might have caused a lot of financial or career problems for a lot of people but hourly jobs can act as a good solution for the problem.