“Learn Spanish” is a thriving institute led by individuals who recognize the value of speaking a foreign language, even if it’s not your native tongue. Many people still underestimate the importance of this skill, not only for your career but also for your overall life.

Learn Spanish Language In Delhi” not only enhances your language skills but also boosts your confidence, enabling you to communicate effectively with Spanish speakers.

**Spanish Institute**

One of the leading Spanish language institutions in Delhi is the “School Of Spanish.” Their tailored courses cover a wide range of Spanish skills, from basic to advanced levels. They also offer training for competitive exams like SELE and DELE, as well as soft skills training to improve your personality. The institute employs experienced teachers and industry specialists to maintain international training standards, with a mission to provide the best education for the nation’s future.

**Our Dedication**

We are committed to promoting an understanding of the Spanish language, culture, literature, history, and civilization. Our respected Spanish language experts are dedicated to igniting students’ enthusiasm for learning and absorbing the lessons taught in our classes.

**Our Courses**

Our customized courses cater to all levels, from beginners to experts. The School of Spanish uses various methods to keep students and teachers engaged, including videos, audios, case studies, group discussions, and practice test papers. The complete language course spans different levels from A1 to B2, including an Intensive Advanced Diploma Course in Spanish language and literature.

Let’s delve into each level:

**A1 Spanish Language Course**

This level focuses on providing a basic understanding of the language for everyday conversation and gradual comprehension of conversations in the new language. It also offers insights into Spanish culture.

**A2 Spanish Language Course**

This level aims to enhance students’ ability to understand commonly used expressions related to personal, professional, and work situations, allowing them to express their thoughts in Spanish.

**B1 Spanish Language Course**

This level focuses on equipping students to handle various situations in the workplace, school, and leisure. They can now write essays and express ideas in Spanish.

**B2 Spanish Language Course**

This level concentrates on achieving fluency in conversations with native Spanish speakers and creating informative content for personal and professional purposes.

**Intensive Advance Diploma Course in Spanish Language and Literature**

The School of Spanish is renowned for its intensive Advanced Diploma Course, which covers general grammar, industry knowledge, language accents, and a brief overview of Spanish and Latin American literature and culture. Translation practice and speaking fluency are emphasized, providing students with confidence and expertise in Spanish.

**Advantages of Learning Spanish Language**

– There is a significant demand for Spanish speakers in the US, with 37.6 million people speaking the language.

– US employers prefer individuals with strong Spanish language skills, which can enhance your career prospects.

– Learning Spanish can also make it easier to learn other languages with similar linguistic rules, such as French and Italian.

Learning Spanish at one of the esteemed Spanish classes in Delhi will open doors to various career opportunities.

**We Offer 100% Placement**

The School of Spanish guarantees 100% placement for eager learners, with tie-ups with over 20 companies, including KPOs and BPOs. The institute takes full responsibility for providing the best career opportunities and helping students find their dream jobs in various fields like sales, translation, tourism, social work, and teaching.

**Corporate Tie-ups with Top Companies**

The School of Spanish has established corporate partnerships with prominent companies like Amazon India, Genpact, American Express, Hexaware Mumbai, Accenture, LBF Travel, Ienergizer Noida, and more. These partnerships provide students with professional support upon completing the B2 level course.