The process of buying a house is a lengthy one and there are numerous things to consider before you pick your perfect home. Factors like the location, whether you have children or not and if you possess a vehicle, can all affect the way you make a decision on the property that you purchase. There has been a heated discussion on the topic of getting a house near a school or in a close proximity to one. That is why here at We Buy Any House, we have compiled some of the advantages and disadvantages of buying a house in a school area to make your choice easier when it comes to it.


Higher Property Value

One of the biggest pros must be the fact that your property value will essentially either stay the same over time or even increase significantly. The reason for that is because home buyers with children are normally willing to pay a little extra for the advantages of having their children’s school within walking distance. You might even find a really cheap property if it is right next to the school, however, you will have to consider the cons that come with it which are outlined below.

High Resell Price

What’s more, you can get a high resell price as long as your property is in a good catchment area. These places tend to stay rather attractive since there will always be someone looking to buy a house close to a school for their children or perhaps if you are a teacher, it would be very convenient for you as well to cut your commute to a minimum.

Walking Distance

Probably the most appealing positive for parents is the fact that they would not have to drive their kids to school every day and can have a quick walk with them, thus saving them tons of time.

Safe Neighborhood

Something which is not talked about enough is the safety of the area. The police and the local councils tend to monitor the neighborhoods around the school more closely which instantly makes concerned parents feel more certain that their children will be safe and protected.


Traffic and Parking

There are just as many disadvantages as there are advantages when it comes to buying a house in a good school area. By thinking you will skip the traffic and congestion on your way to drop off your kids, people tend to forget the fact that there are others who are doing the same at your school. Not only would you have an issue with traffic, but parking can become a nightmare as well during drop-off and pick-up times. Therefore, if you can get a house with a private driveway, invest a little bit more as it will save you from tons of annoying situations.


Another massive con is the increased noise levels. Children tend to be very loud, but they are not always the source of it. Sometimes it is school events and celebrations, football practices and school bells, so it might be worth investing in a soundproofing system for your house if you live in a close proximity.


Where there are children there is litter as well. No matter how hard parents try to teach their kids not to litter, it still happens. It could be quite annoying for everyone living in the area, however, you could always suggest and discuss it with the school and the council about seasonal clean-ups where children would be involved and educated about littering and the impacts it has on the environment.


Children are naughty, aren’t they? We have all trespassed on someone else’s property when we were young so we should not be too surprised when kids these days do that as well. It can be quite irritating depending on what they do when they trespass on your house, but as long as they do not cause a lot of trouble or damage, you can always deal with a little mischief on their behalf.

Limited number of home buyers

Even though you can resell your property for a higher price than what you initially paid, it may cause you some issues with finding potential buyers since the people willing to get a house near a school are the ones with children at a certain age. Therefore, it may not be a quick sale per se but at least you will get it for a higher price.

While most people are willing to make some sacrifices and the positives can outweigh the negatives, there are also those that cannot compromise their comfort and peace of mind for the few advantages that come with living in a good school area. It is very personal and that is why it is important to make a sensible decision which would suit your needs and be the best for your specific situation.

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