We all know that to learn another language and become bilingual, you have to go abroad . When that is not possible, apps are a great way to progress quickly. But how do you find the right one for learning a foreign language? It is true that some languages ​​have become so important that it would be a shame to miss them. To help you make your choice, I offer you a selection of the best applications on the market. To guide you as well as possible, I tested them completely and did not stop at the first lesson.

What is Babbel? Well it is the pioneer in learning languages ​​on the internet . Created in 2008 by a handful of German linguists, the small start-up quickly established itself as the benchmark in the field. I tested it for you and I have to say I am extremely satisfied with it. It allows you to quickly study up to 14 languages.

Only downside, the app is not free but the quality of the recordings greatly exceeds those of Duolingo. However, a free trial version is available with a few lessons offered per language. For my part, I therefore spend around 10 € per month to learn Russian and it works very well! It is also the best app I know to start in this language. Get started!

It is an application that I was able to test and which quickly convinced me ( my full review here ) ! It allows you to gradually assimilate all the essential vocabulary you need. The other applications for learning a language do not offer to go into detail at this point. MosaLingua is positioned on what you want to do: travel, talk to friends, take an exam… you choose!

The contents are very successful to help memorization . It must also be recognized that this application is an excellent way to start the study of a language or to get back on track! MosaLingua is the opportunity to build a solid foundation in 7 languages ​​and 3 specialized modules in English. Go for it!

I was able to test the application in detail to find out if it really allows you to learn a language quickly. So, I would say that at first glance, the application is very pleasant to use and that it can be aimed at both adults and children. A lot of content is offered to progress in very diverse themes (everyday life, travel, work). In addition, the choice of languages ​​is very impressive with no less than 41 languages for French speakers.

I really like the articulation of the exercises which are inspired by those found at Babbel. Besides, this application is made for you to have fun using it and that’s exactly how you will make progress: by coming back to it every day.