Deciding to leave your home country to study abroad is a big step. Many prospective students wonder what the benefits are of leaving the comfort of home, as they consider moving abroad and studying at an international university.

However, students who have studied abroad in the past say it loud and clear: there are many reasons to study abroad. They love the experience because of the myriad life changing experiences it can offer.

You might be wondering if I should study abroad? Well, why not consider traveling the world and earning a degree while you’re at it? Here, we’ve compiled a Top Ten Reasons to Study Abroad list that will tell you why your international experience can be one of the best and most memorable you’ll ever have.

These experiences will put you in control of your life, making you more confident and self-assured. You’ll be happy to return home after learning to live on your own and communicate with people from all walks of life, and you can even use your skills to continue living abroad later!

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1. Immerse yourself in a new culture

Having a global perspective is also important when asking yourself: should I study abroad? In an increasingly interconnected world, intercultural communication is a vital skill and people capable of engaging in diversity are in great demand. Since this cannot be taught in a textbook, real-life experience is needed to learn how to communicate with people from different backgrounds.

2. Stand out from employers

We have already written about this, employers appreciate applicants who have studied abroad. With international experience on your resume, you’ll come to job interviews with maturity, confidence, and practical skills backed by real-life anecdotes.

You always wonder: should I study abroad? Communication skills aside, studying abroad improves critical thinking and problem-solving skills that employers desire. If you apply for an entry-level position after you graduate, you’ll be one of the many resumes recruiters sort through. Why not bring out yours?

The study abroad experience will attract the attention of an employer. Going abroad to study in an international program shows flexibility and a willingness to take risks, making you the ideal candidate for many jobs!

3. Expand your knowledge

Studying abroad can be a huge opportunity for students from countries with fewer educational or career opportunities. Even if your home country has high-quality universities, studying abroad can open up new avenues for pursuing your passions. You can study at universities with leading researchers in your area of ​​interest, access historical libraries and local archives, or explore cutting-edge artistic scenes. All of these new experiences contribute to a better understanding of the subject you are studying.

Pursuing your studies in an international location allows you to follow your interests while deepening your knowledge of the subject and introducing the discovery of new interests along the way. For example, if you enjoy scuba diving, consider a destination near popular dive sites to improve your skills or gain certifications. Living near a wide range of activities will make your college years more meaningful.

4. Discover yourself

Along with all the other people in the world, at some point in your life you will wonder what makes you the person you are.

When you move abroad to study, you will have the chance to see the world, especially your home country, in a new light. Many international students report that their experience has had a significant impact on their personal development throughout their life.

Beyond the academic benefits, why study abroad? If you really want to find yourself, studying abroad will show you other ways to approach life while forcing you to make more conscious decisions about how you live your own.

5. Travel the world

The first time you do something new it can seem really scary.

For many international students, studying abroad will be the first time they leave their home country. Universities typically support these students as they expand their personal understanding of the world and learn to live in a new country independently

The other good news is that with friends scattered around the world, you will never be short of travel ideas or opportunities to visit other places. Check this site to know what’s in store for you during your stay. You also get the added benefit of having a personal guide and maybe even free accommodation, giving you even more reasons to study abroad!

6.Learn a new language

Studying abroad usually comes with opportunities for international students to learn the native language of their new host country. Whether it’s Japanese, German, Italian or Swedish, why not follow through on your New Year’s resolution and learn a new language?

Depending on the length of your stay, you may or may not achieve the master’s degree. However, one thing is for sure, your hosts will appreciate any effort you put in. Even learning a little of the local language greatly contributes to the immersion.

You also have the advantage of taking classes taught by qualified native teachers. Language exchange clubs or making the effort to converse with local acquaintances and friends in their language will speed up your language learning and open up more international opportunities for you.

7. Find hidden gems

Maybe your Instagram feed looks a bit uninspired, or maybe you’re just an adventurous mind and want to explore.

You’ll also find out where the locals spend their time: hidden beaches, restaurants overlooking the waterfalls, campgrounds near picturesque lakes, mountain cabins, castle ruins, and many more gems that have never been featured in the guidebooks.

8.Make the most of your coming home

You might be thinking, should I study abroad if I’m already comfortable at home? After your international experience, you will have a better appreciation of what it really means